Que Reid – James Madison University Safety – KAEX Reload Partnership

Have you found yourself wondering why you should work with athletes in your marketing efforts? We recently executed a campaign with KAEX Reload and James Madison safety, Que Reid. Here are some of our insights from our experience.

A great way to maximize brand awareness is to utilize a portfolio of athletes in different market segments, furthering a national reach. We have found that working with collegiate athletes can be more affordable compared to typical advertising and sports sponsorships. What are things you should consider when strategizing marketing campaigns with athletes? We’ve put in the work so that you don’t have to. Here are some tips and tricks we are finding to be successful. 

Understanding your goals and audience

Before bringing any athletes onboard to your brand, it is best to understand what you are trying to achieve through the sports marketplace. Are you looking to capitalize on market share, leverage the personal brand equity of an athlete, or create awareness around a new product launch? The most important element of any marketing campaign with an athlete is authenticity. If the athlete doesn’t believe in your brand neither will their audience. 

Utilize Diversity Amongst Your Portfolio 

When strategizing a campaign you never want to rely on one individual for success. We believe utilizing a diverse portfolio of players is the best way to guarantee success through the sports market place. In order to create diversity, there are several ways to build your portfolio. Whether you use athletes in different markets, sports, or demographics, it is best to find players that can bring awareness to your brand from differentiated audience sets. 

Track Performance Through Measurable Data and Analytics 

The only way to ensure success through your campaigns is to understand how they are performing. Pulling insights from social posts, tracking increases in sales, and capturing conversion rates is a great way to understand how your campaigns are performing. Although it is important to analyze your reach, it is important to capitalize on these eyeballs and impressions through conversion to sales, ensuring you receive your return on investment through understanding the development of your brand’s reputation and increase in bottom line. 

Building Reputation and Trust

Without established trust and rapport, getting athletes to help you achieve your goals can be difficult. One way to establish trust is to take a personal interest in the individual athlete and their goals. By understanding your athletes on a personal level, they will be inclined to assist in the upside development of your organization past the expectations of any campaign deliverables. 

The Power of Authentic Storytelling 

One of the best ways to ensure a connection between your target audience and your brand through the athlete is to leverage their unique story. Each athlete has a unique story that can be utilized in creative ways for the upside development of a brand. Tying in an athlete’s personal story will create a personal connection with your audience furthering authenticity with the partnership. This authenticity will aid in developing loyalty to your brand and mission. 

If you found this information insightful or would like to learn more about working with collegiate athletes in your marketing efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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