Inside the Life of U of Cincinnati’s Justin Wodtly

Cincinnati, Ohio. – Coming from a family of athletes, University of Cincinnati’s Justin Wodtly has always faced pressure of becoming a star. Three of Wodtly’s uncles played in the NFL – one of which being Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hall-of-Famer and Wodtly’s uncle-in-law Troy Polamalu – not to mention his father and grandfather both competed at the…


Meet Keonte Schad: USFL Rising Star and Community Leader

Madison, Wisconsin. – At just 24 years old, Keonte Schad has already played for three collegiate programs and two professional football teams. And yet, the Wisconsin native may be just getting started in his accredited career. Raised in Madison, Schad was a standout athlete in baseball, basketball, and, of course, football. Though baseball was his…


My Journey to EAMG Sports: The Power of Social Media

Growing up as a sports fan, I had the same dream as every other kid my age – to work in the sports industry. From watching movies such as Jerry Maguire and Draft Day, I knew from a young age that working in sports was something that I wanted to pursue. On June 14th, 2020,…


Battle’s Youth Camp Promises an Opportunity for Community Engagement

Rocky Mount, NC. – The second annual Outta 252 Camp Showdown, slated for July 15th, 2023, is anticipating a turnout of hundreds of local youths between the ages of 6-18. The event host, cornerback Shyheim Battle of N.C. State’s football team, promises to bring even more intensity to the event than he did last year. “I…


Conference Realignment – What to Expect & How to Navigate the Upcoming Changes

With big changes coming to the SEC and Big Ten, what can we expect for the future of college football to look like? No one truly knows, but we do see the priority of universities. Money! The Big 12 are welcoming BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF in July. USC and UCLA are joining the Big…


Developing a Personal Brand as a Collegiate Athlete

Developing a personal brand has become crucial for athletes, especially collegiate athletes, in the new era of NIL regulations. Personal branding enables athletes to distinguish themselves from their competitors, gain more fans, attract sponsorships, and grow their brand value. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can develop your personal brand on various channels. Identify…


How Can You Utilize an Athlete in Your Marketing Efforts?

Just like our athletes are more than players in a uniform, our partnership capabilities extend beyond a social media post. All of our athletes have unique stories which can be utilized in different ways to assist with the upside development of an organization, company, or local business.  Retail Appearance / Meet & Greet  One way…

The Value of Working with Collegiate Athletes

Have you found yourself wondering why you should work with athletes in your marketing efforts? We recently executed a campaign with KAEX Reload and James Madison safety, Que Reid. Here are some of our insights from our experience. A great way to maximize brand awareness is to utilize a portfolio of athletes in different market…

Outta 252 Camp Showdown

Outta 252 Camp Showdown – Shyheim Battle – 7.23.22

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Former JMU QB O’Donnell Now Thriving As An Agent

By NOAH FLEISCHMAN Daily News-Record When COVID-19 hit back in 2020, former James Madison quarterback Jake O’Donnell went home like most college students did in March. But with the unknown of whether or not the Dukes would play that fall, he didn’t want to return. O’Donnell said he enjoyed his time in Harrisonburg, but for…