The Elite Athletes Management Group is Searching for Help in These Areas:

Business Development

Social Media

Digital Marketing

Content Development

Scouting - Player Performance Analyzation 


The Business Development intern will be responsible for driving brand partnerships in the ever changing world of NIL. The ideal candidate will effectively create and execute outbound prospecting and sales campaigns, as well as contribute to the development of the company through brand strategy.  

Job Functions:

  • Research target markets and clients to identify prospects
  • Perform targeted outreach to prospective clients through phone, email and social media outreach (IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) promoting the mission of EAMG as well as its clients
  • Create pitch decks to send to potential brand partners that clearly list key deliverables for various brand deals
  • Help facilitate new brand strategies and identify key market trends to make informed marketing and business decisions
  • Work closely with upholding the brand image amongst current partners and brands


The Digital Marketing and Social Media intern will have the opportunity to learn through our marketing efforts. They will contribute to all aspects of marketing and communications for the agency and will be responsible for writing social media copy, increasing overall engagement for EAMG and its athletes, as well as managing accounts and analyzing social media metrics.

Job Functions:

  • Review marketing and social media materials to ensure accuracy and continuity in all aspects of brand image across various social channels
  • Having the ability to write engaging and relevant social media copy
  • Increase overall engagement and following for individual players through social media campaigns and tracking performance metrics
  • Research trends in the industry and develop an understanding of creating meaningful content
  • Highlight the EAMG brand through engaging social media posts and press releases


The Content Development intern will have the opportunity to contribute to EAMG’s efforts to develop a digital community. We are looking for visually creative individuals who are passionate about showcasing the personality of athletes through digital content. Their responsibilities will include but not be limited to: static and animated graphic design, video production for digital and broadcast, player highlight tapes, etc.

Job Functions:

  • Research trends in the industry and develop an understanding of creating meaningful content
  • Develop an understanding in provoking emotion and retaining attention
  • Create static and animated graphics for company announcements, brand partnerships, player performances etc.
  • Produce video content to be posted across social media and broadcast campaigns
  • Highlight player performances through videos that showcase our player's game footage 


The Scouting intern will be responsible for identifying up and coming high school and collegiate prospects. They will have the opportunity to develop skills in player performance analyzation through film breakdown and understanding the key elements in player traits. 

Job Functions:

  • Tracking player performance and identifying worthy prospects
  • Writing reports on player performance, the high school, college and professional football landscape, and implications of NIL on athletics, etc.
  • Assist in creating the EAMG Big Board (Recruiting Board) 
  • Taking a deep dive into who players are on and off the field
  • Working in conjunction with the media team to highlight player performances for social media efforts and player mail


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