Just like our athletes are more than players in a uniform, our partnership capabilities extend beyond a social media post. All of our athletes have unique stories which can be utilized in different ways to assist with the upside development of an organization, company, or local business. 

Mike Lofton – USF OL – KAEX Reload Partnership

Retail Appearance / Meet & Greet 

One way to drive traffic to a brick and mortar location is to utilize celebrity appearances. Allow customers the opportunity to meet a collegiate athlete, turning fan affinity into action. 

Event Appearance

When putting together company events, a great way to encourage attendance is to utilize celebrity appearances. Fans will have the opportunity to learn first hand from our athletes’ stories creating an emotional connection to the brand and it’s consumer. 

Autograph Appearance

Take a meet and greet appearance to the next level by allowing fans the opportunity to leave with a tangible keepsake from their experience with the EAMG family. 

Media Appearance 

Utilizing athletes as actors in commercials is another great way to create an emotional connection to a brand, establishing immediate brand equity by leveraging the credibility from a collegiate athlete. 

Motivational Speech / Storytelling Appearance 

During their career, athletes become accustomed to overcoming adversity. Utilizing their stories and experiences, a company can motivate and inspire their employees to pursue excellence similar to our athletes. 

Signed Memorabilia – Corporate Gifting

We’ve all received restaurant gift cards and goodie bags around the holiday season before. Stand out as an organization by gifting signed memorabilia which can be custom tailored to the individual receiving the gift. 

Usage of Athlete Intellectual Property Rights

Looking to gain more credibility and traction through current marketing efforts? Attach your brand name to an athlete, establishing immediate credibility by leveraging their name, image, and likeness.

Social Media Campaigns

As we embark on the digital revolution, we are shifting into an attention economy. One cost effective way to gain brand awareness is to utilize social media posts with credible athletes. Attach your brand name to an athlete, leveraging their brand equity and social media presence. 

If you found this information insightful or would like to learn more about working with collegiate athletes in your marketing efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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