University of Arizona P – Cash Peterman

You could be a five-star recruit. You could be a one-star recruit. Heck, you could even be a walk-on. 

Every athlete has the chance to build a strong profile.  

As a two-star recruit, punter and EAMG client Cash Peterman has worked consistently to establish a personal brand for himself. 

Using short-form video content, Peterman posts upwards of two to three times a day on his Instagram, posting videos capturing “a day in the life,” locker room and pregame content, and humor-based POV’s (point-of-view). 

In under a month, from August 20th to September 18th, Peterman’s profile engaged over 998k accounts. Peterman now has over 200k followers on his Instagram profile. 

Cash’s dedication to building his brand provides a valuable lesson for all athletes. Especially for those without “star” status on the field. 

For all athletes, there’s always room for growth. This boils down to one simple step: use your hobbies and skills to your advantage

Whether you’re interested in working out, playing video games, or just spending time with your friends and teammates, there’s always an audience for your interests.

In 2021, University of North Carolina Central players Kam Moser and Travon Wallace made gaming headlines when they partnered with Cxmmunity, a non-profit platform dedicated to increasing diversity in the esports and video game industries. 

Moser, who made little to no presence on the field after redshirting three years, found another way to create a recognizable image for himself. 

Twelve Talks with Travis Hunter – Bleacher Report

Standout wide receiver for the University of Colorado, Travis Hunter, provided a similar example for fellow collegiate athletes to follow. Two weeks ago, Hunter posted his first stream on Twitch of himself playing video games. Since that point, he’s posted ten more livestreams and his account now has 23.7k followers.

Clips of Hunter’s stream were even posted on Barstool Sports, BleacherReport and ESPN’s social media profiles when he started streaming during Colorado’s matchup at Oregon. 

For all athletes: your interests are worth sharing

With the right attitude, mindset, and just a bit of creativity, your likeness can skyrocket. 

Keep that in mind for your next practice, or pregame routine, or even your next video game session. 

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