Rocky Mount, NC. – The second annual Outta 252 Camp Showdown, slated for July 15th, 2023, is anticipating a turnout of hundreds of local youths between the ages of 6-18. The event host, cornerback Shyheim Battle of N.C. State’s football team, promises to bring even more intensity to the event than he did last year.

“I did too much walking during the camp last year. For this camp, I want to be more active in coaching kids through drills and even be involved myself in those drills,” Battle said. “I’m also thinking of adding a bounce house for the younger kids, and possibly a flag football game for the older ones.”

Battle hopes to bring more athletes to teach camp members at the Rocky Mount Sports Complex. A year ago, 15 of Battle’s N.C. State teammates attended the camp to assist with operations,  including fellow defensive back Teshaun Smith. For this year, Battle anticipates an even higher turnout of athletes coming to support.

“We’re aiming to have several former N.F.L (National Football League) players come out for the day, as well as some high end athletes from the North Carolina area,” Battle said. “The more knowledge you have at the camp, the better it will be for us and the kids.”

Battle draws a special connection to his hometown of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and hopes to use his camp to inspire local youth to pursue their respective passions. In fact, he initially organized the camp showdown as a means of promoting a stronger support system for youths of his hometown.

“I wish there were camps like this around when I was young. I want these kids to compete, have fun, and learn sports, but to also use this to their advantage,” said Battle. “Wherever they want to get to, their dreams are in arms reach.”

Battle will have merchandise of his personal brand, Battle Island Apparel, on display at the Outta 252 Camp Showdown. Battle wants his campers to draw inspiration from his clothing line to “fight their own battles”.

“My clothing line represents me when I’m on the field. Like, ‘this is my island’ when it’s just me and the receiver out there,” Battle said. “I’ve faced my own struggles and sacrifices every day, and [the saying] helps me focus on myself. I hope I can use it to inspire people and be a source of motivation.”

While most college athletes are using the NIL platform for profit purposes, Battle leverages his following to give back to the community. For him, social media is an excellent way to do so.

Battle said, “I use my personal platforms to promote a deeper purpose…I want the [local kids] to think forward and find what they want to do in life.”

Battle’s upcoming Outta 252 Camp Showdown is sure to be a tremendous hit among North Carolina natives.

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