Battle is a Cornerback at North Carolina State University and is originally from Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Journey to College Football

As a North Carolina native, Battle’s top two choices for college had always been N.C. State and Clemson University (S.C.). After extensive conversations with the Wolfpack’s coaching staff, he ultimately chose to stay home and attend the state university.

“I chose to attend N.C. State because it felt like a family to me. I was quickly able to connect with the coaches and they knew me on a first name basis. It felt like a homegrown environment and is only 45 minutes from home for me,” Battle said.

He wanted to make a name for himself. As a man from North Carolina, staying home and “putting on for his city” was a goal for Battle.

Signing With EAMG

Battle, just like all of the other EAMG Athletes, have one thing in common— buying into company Founder and CEO, Jake O’Donnell’s vision.

“Jake came to me and pitched to me what his vision was for EAMG. He was very serious about it right away,” Battle said.

Battle also mentioned that O’Donnell wants him to be able to be his own boss. With lots of trust and faith, he bought into the vision and joined the sports agency as a student-athlete.


Battle’s brand is named Battle Island. He explained the meaning and purpose of it by saying “…it’s about the You vs. You battle.” It also relates to how he grew up in relation to where he is now in life. The last name Battle is very fitting for the brand.

On the football field, especially as a Cornerback, Battle’s goal is to keep any Wide Receiver off of his “island”. The Wide Receivers are not welcome on his “island” and he strives to beat them each and every play.

Battle Island is designed to help anyone reach their goals on or off the football field.

North Carolina State University Football

Battle’s favorite part about a collegiate football player is the gameday atmosphere.
“I love getting off of the [team] bus and seeing all of the fans, the cheerleaders, the band, and the donors as we make our way down the “Walk of Fame into the stadium,” Battle said.

He went on to mention that it definitely feels like ACC and Power 5 football each and every Saturday. It is a very loud and supportive atmosphere. Battle even said he was getting chills just talking about the atmosphere before their games.

Battle’s favorite Wolfpack moment from this past season was defeating longtime rival, Clemson.

“It was crazy down on the field after we beat Clemson. The fans stormed the field, too,” Battle added. It was a great day to be an N.C. State fan.

Off the Field

When Battle is not on the football field, he enjoys listening to the music of American Rapper, G Herbo. Additionally, his favorite NFL player is Quarterback Cam Newton. He likes the energy that Newton brings to the game, as well as his work ethic and community engagement.

When it comes to modeling his game after NFL players, he enjoys watching and studying Cornerbacks Jalen Ramsey and Patrick Peterson. Battle mentioned he enjoys watching Ramsey because of how aggressive he is on the field.


Ladies and gentlemen do not forget to watch number 25 on the Defense for the N.C. State Wolfpack this coming Fall. He is going to be special.