Helms is a Wide Receiver at the University of South Florida and is originally from Seffner, Florida.

Journey to College Football

As a Tampa Bay Area native, Helms has always had a dream of playing for the South Florida Bulls. As a graduate of Seffner Christian High School, staying home was always a thought for the 6-2 Wide Receiver.

“I visited some Ivy [League] Schools and was in contact with other schools such as Tennessee, Morehead State, and Furman University. I spent some time at USF Camps, too,” Helms said.

As a football player who was not highly recruited, in his opinion, Helms believed he absolutely had the talent to play College Football.

Eventually, everything fell into place for the homegrown athlete.

Signing With EAMG

As an athlete looking to market himself and grow as a person, Helms did what was best for him. For him, that was buying into EAMG Founder and CEO Jake O’Donnell’s vision.

“Jake wants to help me set up [brand] deals and grow my image as an athlete,” Helms said.

From that point, Helms met the EAMG staff, which is made up of business professionals who have assisted in growing other companies. He believes that he can trust EAMG.


Helms currently holds brand deals with companies such as H. Goose and Not A Way.

South Florida Football

Helms’ favorite part of being a collegiate athlete is the fact that no one understands them.

“No one understands an athlete’s life Sunday through Friday. Between training, classes, and playing in games, I love what I get to do,” Helms said.

Off the Field

When Helms is not on the football field, he enjoys listening to the music of Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, and Kanye West. He considers West to be a musical genius.
When it comes to modeling his game after NFL players, he enjoys watching and studying Wide Receivers Deebo Samuel and Chris Godwin.

“I am built very similarly to Deebo [Samuel]. He runs crisp routes and knows how to ‘go up and get it’. He understands the game well and is an all-around player,” Helms said.

His favorite player is Chris Godwin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Chris [Godwin] is a competitor who hates losing, but he knows how to bounce back quickly,” Helms added.


Ladies and gentlemen do not forget to watch number 85 on the Offense for the USF Bulls this coming Fall.